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Since 1999 RUNNING STRONG has been dedicated to providing expert coaching and rehabilitative services for runners of all ages and abilities. Our highly personalized approach, and professional team including a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, a Registered Dietitian, and an available team of Physical Therapists insure that you have the best guidance to help you achieve your goals.  At RUNNING STRONG our focus is on YOU.




Personalized coaching - Your running coach available online from anywhere in the world, or in person in the Atlanta metro area.

Video based gait analysis

Specific training for marathon, half-marathon, 5k, 10k and even ultra-marathon

Goal race planning and preparation


A functional, detailed biomechanical assessment and exercise instruction along with a scientifically sound, evidence based approach to training minimizes injury risk. 

Careful attention to details speeds recovery from current injuries. 


Janet Hamilton has a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She's been coaching runners for over 25 years.  She'll help take the guesswork out of training, race preparation and injury prevention. 

To read more about Coach Janet - check out this recent write up on Voyage ATL



(from anywhere in the world)

  • Initial (45-60 min) consultation including functional flexibility and strength evaluation conducted by video conference 
  • Video gait analysis available 
  • Fully customized, detailed training plan
  • Supplemental training instruction (strength, flexibility, plyometrics) 
  • Goal race planning and preparation
  • UNLIMITED email contact with coach 
  • Follow up phone/video conference monthly as needed. 
  • Discount on merchandise from  Runningwarehouse.com

monthly and 3-month options available, longer term options contact coach Janet for details

IN-PERSON COACHING (Atlanta metro area)

This option is unavailable due to covid, will return soon.

  • Initial assessment  (90 min) including full biomechanical, flexibilty and functional strength evaluation conducted IN PERSON
  • Video gait analysis 
  • Fully customized, detailed training plan
  • Supplemental training instruction (strength, flexibility, plyometrics) 
  • Goal race planning and preparation
  • UNLIMITED email contact with coach 
  • Follow up in person once per month. 
  • Discount on merchandise from Runningwarehouse.com

monthly and 3-month options available, longer term options contact coach Janet for details


Have a question for coach Janet? Schedule a phone or video consult. 

Consultation fee - $45 per half hour, $80 per hour.   Please submit the form to set up an appointment for your personal phone or web based consultation.


Video based gait analysis. You will be given instructions on what/how to record the video, then you will send or upload the video for Coach Janet to analyze.  Please email Janet for detailed instructions.  

Gait analysis fee - $40


This option is for the runner who does not want ongoing guidance from a coach but instead only wants a training plan. This option includes: 

  • Initial assessment of training/racing and injury history through detailed questionnaire and email follow up
  • Training plan based on current event goal and training status.  
  • Contact with coach - one additional email after receipt of training plan to clarify questions  
  • Follow up consultation  or gait analysis may be purchased separately at any time
  • Plans available from 4-20 weeks  ($65-$295)



Nutritional Guidance from Registered Dietitian Kendra Glassman Perkey, RD, CSSD

  Includes initial phone/video consultation, full customized nutrition analysis. Kendra will design a sport-specific nutrition program for optimum performance using YOUR personal preferences. Includes follow up phone call. 



  Available to clients who have previously completed the Initial Sports Nutrition Consultation. Ideal option for those who want long-term nutritional coaching to achieve long-term RESULTS!

1 month and 3 month options available.  

1-DAY FOOD RECALL "Makeover"

Send Kendra your one-day food recall and she'll guide you with some healthier alternatives based on this recall.

Budget friendly, one-time advice!



Janet Hamilton, MA, RCEP, CSCS

Whether you're just getting started or striving for a PR, using a professional to guide your path makes sense. Janet Hamilton, MA, RCEP, CSCS has over 25 years of experience coaching runners of all ages and abilities and was voted Best Running Coach in Atlanta by Atlanta Magazine 2015.  She is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and served as an instructor for the Road Runners Club of America coaching certification program from 2005 - 2012.  She is a regular contributor to Runner's World, Men's Health, Women's Health, Self, Shape, Health and Competitor Magazines among others and serves on the Advisory Board for Runner's World.   

Janet has helped beginners as well as age-group winners achieve their success because her focus is on maximizing performance while minimizing risk of injury.  Her extensive understanding of the biomechanics and physiology of running means that your training plan will be absolutely customized to YOU!  TRAIN SMART , ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

Kendra Glassman, MS, RD, PA

Kendra  grew up in Kansas where she received her BS in Dietetics from Kansas State University. She completed her dietetic internship in the U.S. Army and completed her MS in Clinical Nutrition at Central Michigan University in 2009. Kendra worked as a dietitian for 15 years in various fields to include pediatric and neonatal nutrition before she decided to make a career change. She graduated from Red Rocks Community College with a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies in 2019. She looks forward to continuing helping athletes meet their nutrition goals while practicing as a physician assistant. Her nutrition philosophy is to use evidence-based research to provide guidance to her clients, helping them to get the most bang out of their calorie "buck". Kendra enjoys staying active and competing in marathons and triathlons. 

Kendra offers nutritional guidance through email and web-conference services.  

Contact Kendra HERE 

Precision Performance and Physical Therapy (Atlanta metro area)

Precision Performance & Physical Therapy is a practice consisting of highly-skilled and specialized therapists that seek to find the true cause of injury and disability. Finding the root cause of injury or limitation can mean the difference between just managing symptoms and true recovery. They bring decades of running experience to the treatment table, in addition to post-graduate certifications and training that result in a comprehensive treatment plan. The therapists have advanced certifications, Orthopedic Board Specialty, and extensive experience with runners and triathletes. If you’ve ever been to a therapist that doesn’t understand runners or the runner mentality, you know how valuable this can truly be. If you’re tired of being injured or unable to improve, this is the practice for you. 

Want to learn more? Contact Precision Performance and Physical Therapy team at admin@precisionpt.org



Coach Janet shares some tips that may help you optimize your training - click HERE or on the image to go to the latest post and don't forget to scroll down that page to see previous posts.  This month's post is all about how diet can affect your sleep. 


Coach Janet is always scanning the latest publications for research to optimize your training. Her summaries are easy to understand and may help you in achieving your best performance.  Click HERE or on the image to go to the latest post and don't forget to scroll down the page to see links to previous posts. 


Coach Janet regularly contributes to articles in publications such as Runner's World, US News & World Report, Shape, Self and others. Here's the link to the latest from Runner's World - a piece about the value of letting go of technology, and another from Reebok on Beach Running, and one on What to Eat for Sore Muscles.  Click HERE or on the logo to access the list of other recent publications and their links. (You can also find these on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.)


"Over many years, Coach and I have celebrated successes be it PR's, AG Wins, epic trail races, unthinkable ultra distances , etc.   All that is great, but where Coach Hamilton adds the greatest value has been planning the 10,000 or so training miles for me that no one sees or celebrates. Every mile has been tailored specifically to make me a better runner and most importantly stay injury free."

Philip F. (TX)

"I have had quite a fun ride working with Janet, founder of Running Strong. She has an innate ability to navigate my individual goals, my work schedule and other of life's interests. Most importantly, Janet keeps my workouts challenging, engaging with a strong emphasis on injury prevention, which I respect and learn from.  I am impressed with her insight, academic understanding and mental capacity to understand a runner's mind and motivation. Her credibility is well respected around the world and now I understand why she is so talented. She cares, she shares her knowledge and she invests in you."

Caroline B (TX)

"We are undefeated coach! We prepared for 5 marathons together and we set a PR every time!"

Paul S (NY)

"Janet's coached me since 2008 & I continue to learn from her regarding running, training and racing. Her knowledge of the sport is current and research-based & she is experienced in not only rehabilitating a runner from injury, but trying to find the source of it. My personalized training plans never look the same, but are based on my current fitness level and goal race. She is intuitive, resourceful & intelligent. I highly recommend her coaching services!"

Sally B (GA)

Over the years my running goals have evolved, and, thanks to Janet, I’ve achieved them all! Janet’s background in physical therapy and biomechanics was invaluable to get me back on my feet after a bad hamstring injury. Janet uses her knowledge of the latest scientific evidence to optimize performance. With Janet’s help, I’ve reached the podium for races from the 5K to the marathon and qualified for Boston. Most importantly, Janet has a positive, supportive coaching style, and is a pleasure to work with!

Kathrine T (GA)

" It's great to have a coach that understands the priority of being healthy and strong at the starting line. She keeps me in check, so I'm not over training."

Nancy D (GA)

   I have been working with Janet to overcome a plantar fascia injury. Through this process I have learned to be a better listener to my body and a faster (when it counts) more well rounded runner. Janet can answer any running question I have and keeps me on track. That's what I need and I am very grateful.   

Cary P (ME)

"Janet's education, experience in patient care & as an educator give her a credible resume for advising runners. More importantly to me, she is able to reach out and see where I need a boost - nutrition, race day preparation, etc. She is intuitive in reading my running log and tweaks my training accordingly.  I have worked with Janet for several years and I have been injury-free while snagging half marathon PRs." 

Cheryl W (KS)

"I found Coach Janet when I googled "coming back to running after an injury". She did the most thorough history (over the phone!) & she worked with me on strengthening, stretches and then set up a training plan for me. She read my comments on my training log and wanted to know how I felt so she could tweak things as we went along. The coolest thing would be when i was reading Runners World and see Janet quoted. I'd say "hey, that's my coach!" quite proudly. Now after several years - I also refer to her as "friend".  

Vanessa B. (NH)


  We'll try to answer your running related questions and provide some nuggets of wisdom.  Keep in mind that diagnosis is the responsibility of your physician.  Comments posted here should not be misconstrued as medical advice!   

Use the form below to send in your own question for the coach

The most recent "ask the coach" questions are below. Click the title or the big blue ball to go to the full post. 

 Ask the Coach Archives are available HERE

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Want to know more about what we can do to help you achieve your  best?  Please contact us!



Linda C - 2Slow4Boston Marathon 4/24/22  

Lisa S - Cooper River Bridge Run 10k - 4/2/22

Becky M - A1A Half Marathon 2/20/22  

Julie W - Hearts & Soles 10k 2/5/22

Becky M - 2nd in Age Group - Run for PAWS 5k 1/29/22

Richard S - First Marathon! Callaway Gardens Marathon 1/29/22

David C - PR! Louisiana Marathon 1/16/22  

Julie W - Resolution Run 5k 1/1/22

Philip F - Dallas Half Marathon 12/12/21

Mark A - Dallas Half Marathon 12/12/21

Michael K - First Half Marathon! Honolulu Marathon 12/12/21  

Jennifer W - First Marathon! Rock n Roll San Antonio - 12/5/21

Kevin R - 5th in Age Group Manchester Road Race 11/25/21

Al F - 1st in Age group Blue Ridge Turkey Trot 5k 11/25/21

Becky M - top 10 in age group Gulf Coast Thanksgiving 5k 11/25/21

David C - PR Half Marathon - Logjammer Half 11/21/21

Kevin R - Boston Marathon 10/11/21

Ben W - First Half Marathon! - Victoria Half Marathon 10/10/21

(more 2020-2021 race results HERE)

2012-2019 Results (HERE)

GOOD LUCK!  Upcoming Races

Ben W - Vancouver Half Marathon 5/1/22

Emma G - Hotlanta Half Marathon 6/12/22

Linda C - Reykjavik Marathon 8/20/22

Kevin R - Berlin Marathon 9/24/22

Elizabeth J - NYC Marathon 11/6/22


    Use our convenient on-line payment option to purchase the services you need.  Payment is handled through PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted. 


    COACHING SERVICES - online evaluation and coaching

    COACHING SERVICES - in-person evaluation and coaching




    choose from 4-20 week plans


    choose 30 or 60 minute consult 





    (1-month or 3-month options)