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Designing Training Plans for Novice Runners

This online webinar focuses primarily on training plan design for a "novice" runner -- one who is targeting a distance for the first time. The "novice" category isn't based on a runner's speed -- only their experience with a distance.
Come and learn some fundamentals about how to progress, how to establish proper training paces for athletes, and how you can avoid stepping into the injury-traps!  This webinar was previously streamed live and recorded.  Please skip ahead to the 5:30 mark to skip the introductions.  Feel free to email me if you have questions. 

Do you need to document continuing education credits?  I'll be happy to send you a course completion certificate after you complete the course survey and answer a couple of content questions.  CLICK HERE to go to the course survey and make sure to leave your email address at the end so I can send you your certificate!