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"Over many years, Coach and I have celebrated successes be it PR's, AG Wins, epic trail races, unthinkable ultra distances , etc.   All that is great, but where Coach Hamilton adds the greatest value has been planning the 10,000 or so training miles for me that no one sees or celebrates. Every mile has been tailored specifically to make me a better runner and most importantly stay injury free."

Philip F. (TX)

"I have had quite a fun ride working with Janet, founder of Running Strong. She has an innate ability to navigate my individual goals, my work schedule and other of life's interests. Most importantly, Janet keeps my workouts challenging, engaging with a strong emphasis on injury prevention, which I respect and learn from.  I am impressed with her insight, academic understanding and mental capacity to understand a runner's mind and motivation. Her credibility is well respected around the world and now I understand why she is so talented. She cares, she shares her knowledge and she invests in you."

Caroline B (TX)

"We are undefeated coach! We prepared for 5 marathons together and we set a PR every time!"

Paul S (NY)

"Janet's coached me since 2008 & I continue to learn from her regarding running, training and racing. Her knowledge of the sport is current and research-based & she is experienced in not only rehabilitating a runner from injury, but trying to find the source of it. My personalized training plans never look the same, but are based on my current fitness level and goal race. She is intuitive, resourceful & intelligent. I highly recommend her coaching services!"

Sally B (GA)

Over the years my running goals have evolved, and, thanks to Janet, I’ve achieved them all! Janet’s background in physical therapy and biomechanics was invaluable to get me back on my feet after a bad hamstring injury. Janet uses her knowledge of the latest scientific evidence to optimize performance. With Janet’s help, I’ve reached the podium for races from the 5K to the marathon and qualified for Boston. Most importantly, Janet has a positive, supportive coaching style, and is a pleasure to work with!

Kathrine T (GA)

" It's great to have a coach that understands the priority of being healthy and strong at the starting line. She keeps me in check, so I'm not over training."

Nancy D (GA)

I have been working with Janet to overcome a plantar fascia injury. Through this process I have learned to be a better listener to my body and a faster (when it counts) more well rounded runner. Janet can answer any running question I have and keeps me on track. That's what I need and I am very grateful.   

Cary P (ME)

"Janet's education, experience in patient care & as an educator give her a credible resume for advising runners. More importantly to me, she is able to reach out and see where I need a boost - nutrition, race day preparation, etc. She is intuitive in reading my running log and tweaks my training accordingly.  I have worked with Janet for several years and I have been injury-free while snagging half marathon PRs." 

Cheryl W (KS)

"I found Coach Janet when I googled "coming back to running after an injury". She did the most thorough history (over the phone!) & she worked with me on strengthening, stretches and then set up a training plan for me. She read my comments on my training log and wanted to know how I felt so she could tweak things as we went along. The coolest thing would be when i was reading Runners World and see Janet quoted. I'd say "hey, that's my coach!" quite proudly. Now after several years - I also refer to her as "friend".  

Vanessa B. (NH)