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Theraband Hip Strengthening Exercise

Theraband hip Abduction

Start by closing the knotted end of a resistance band into a door jamb, just above or below the bottom door hinge. Place the looped end of the band around your left ankle.  Stand with your right side toward the door and balance on your right leg while pulling your left leg out to the side. Make sure to keep the right knee "unlocked" so you have to fire your quads to stabilize. Keep your torso very still and straight, don't let your body lean toward the door.  Repeat as instructed by your coach. 

Theraband Hip Extension

  Next, turn your body to face the door and balance again on your right leg.  Pull your left leg straight back from the hip, keeping your left knee straight. Be careful not to hyper extend your back, just keep your posture tall and straight  

Theraband Hip Adduction

  Turn to your right once more and stand with your left side facing the door. Step out to the side with your right leg so your legs are apart.  Balance on the right leg, and pull the left leg in toward the right until your heels touch.   

Theraband Hip Flexion

Turn once more to your right so that your back is facing the door.  Balance on the right leg and pull the left leg forward from the hip, keeping the knee straight. 

now repeat that whole sequence again on the other leg.

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