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Balance and Forward Reach with Arm

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This exercise really emphasizes hamstring (back of thigh) muscles as well as your lower back. Balance on one leg and reach forward and down with the opposite hand. The "target" you reach for will be determined by your strength and any symptoms you have present. The initial target may be the back of a chair, then progress to a chair seat, and gradually work your way down. Keep your non-weight bearing leg right next to the one you're balancing on, so you don't use it for counterbalancing. Reach only as far as you're able to without symptoms

Key Points
  • Reach to the target depth determined by your coach - progress only as directed... this exercise is more intense than it looks.
  • Keep the non weight bearing leg right next to the one you're balancing on.
  • Reach with the OPPOSITE hand.
  • Reaching with the same side hand will offer challenges as well - your coach may determine that this is appropriate for you