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Forward Lunge

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This is only one of the directions for lunging. The forward lunge emphasizes hamstring, quad and hip strength. Start by standing straight, and take a large step forward with one leg. Bend that knee and lunge forward.

Don't hold the position, lunge and then push back to your "home base". The size step you take and the depth of your lunge will be dependent upon your body's tolerance of the exercise. If you feel pain in the knees, BACK OFF! Don't reach so far or lunge so deep. For variety, you can try lunging and then coming up over the front foot rather than pushing back to home base. This is sometimes called a "walking" lunge because you progress forward with each lunge. No matter which style your coach has you doing, the emphasis has to be on good form and on doing the exercise in a pain-free fashion

Key Points
  • Make sure your knee and foot stay lined up straight and in line with your hip
  • Keep your back straight and vertical - don't lean forward.