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Quadriceps Stretch

Stand next to a wall or chair for balance. Flex your knee and loop a towel or belt around your ankle and grasp it with the same side hand. Let your leg rest at about 90 degrees of flexion and adjust your posture so that your knees are side by side and your tummy muscles are tight. Now, gently pull up on the towel, flexing your knee a little further until you feel a gentle stretch in the muscle on the front of your thigh (your quadriceps). Hold the gentle stretch as instructed by your coach, then repeat on the other side.

Key Points
  • Don't arch your back - keep your posture tall and tummy muscles tight. 
  • Use the towel as long as you need to. When you can grasp your ankle or the heel-counter of your shoe and still maintain good form you can lose the towel.
  • Keep your knee under your hip and right next to your other knee

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