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Adductor Stretch

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To do this right, you need to sit with your buttocks and shoulders up against a wall. Sit on the floor, and scoot your buttocks back all the way until they contact the wall. Now place the soles of your feet together and draw them up slightly toward your groin. Sit straight and tall, resting your head and shoulders on the wall - using the wall to keep your back absolutely straight. There's no need to press down on your knees, just breathe, relax and let gravity draw them down toward the floor. Feel a gentle pull or stretch in the muscles of the inner thigh, from the groin area to the back of the knee. If you feel pain in your lower back you may need to sit on a small cushion or yoga block so that your feet are a couple of inches below your buttocks. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds, then relax and repeat as directed in the instructions from your coach 

Key Points
  • To get the maximum benefit from this stretch, you must keep your buttocks and shoulders against the wall at all times.
  • Don't bounce, let gravity do the work for you
  • It is not unusual to have one hip more flexible than the other, don't force the stretch