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Hip Flexor Stretch

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Start in a half-kneeling position, with one foot flat on the floor and the other knee directly under the hip. You may find it more comfortable to put a pillow under your knee. From this position, check your posture and make sure your back is absolutely straight, with your shoulders, hips and knees all aligned. Since one of the hip flexors attaches to the spine, what you do with your low back affects how well you're able to stretch the hip flexors. Now perform a pelvic tilt as shown by the arrows. To visualize this move, picture yourself "tucking your tail between your legs". If you do this correctly, you'll immediately feel a gentle pull or stretch in the front of the hip and thigh region of the leg you're kneeling on. Breathe, and hold the stretch. If you don't feel any pull at all then shift your weight slightly forward, but keep your pelvic tilt. If you feel pain anywhere, BACK OFF! Don't stretch so hard! Hold this position for 15-30 seconds, then switch legs and repeat the procedure on the other side. Repeat as directed in the instructions from your coach.

Key Points
  • Posture is everything - you must maintain the pelvic tilt in order to place the stretch on the hip flexor and avoid placing stress on your lower back
  • It may help to visualize your pelvis like a cereal bowl that faces forward. When you do your pelvic tilt, visualize that you are tipping your cereal bowl up as if to keep the contents from spilling out.