Bridging the Gap Between Science and Coaching - an interview with author Steve Magness

Enjoy this interview with author and coach Steve Magness. We are joined by Jen Van Allen and Amby Burfoot of Runner's World to discuss Steve's new book The Science of Running.

Steve is the head coach for the University of Houston Cross Country team and assistant coach for the tack and field program there. With a Master's Degree in Exercise, Fitness & Health Promotion from George Mason University, Steve coaches with a perspective that includes both practical coaching know-how and application of current science on human performance

Beyond the Marathon - Transitioning to Ultra-Distances with author Jen Van Allen

Enjoy this interview with author, coach and ultra-runner Jen Van Allen. We discuss the differences between marathon and ultramarathon and how you can make the transition safely.

Have you ever considered training for an event longer than a marathon? It takes some finesse to get to the start line healthy and ready to run; and it takes a bit more than just determination to make it to the finish line 30, 50, or 100 miles later.

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